M7 Vacuum Forming Machine

The BERG M7 Vacuum Forming Machine range allows the processing of sheet sizes from 400 x 300 x 300mm up to 1000 x 600 x 300mm and includes the following basic equipment as standard.

  • Closed Machine Chamber
  • Stepless Adjustable Clamp Frame
  • Semi Automatic Sequence
  • Top & Bottom Quartz Heating
  • Pneumatic Plug Assist
  • Vacuum Equipment
  • NEW SIEMENS Control Unit S7-1500F
  • NEW SIEMENS Safety concept
  • NEW Generation SIEMENS Touch Screen
  • CE Certification

Additional options available, for example:

  • Heating & Cooling Pyrometers
  • NEW Stepless Adjustable Window Plate
  • Automatic Material Loading, Sheet Loader or Roll Feed
  • Halogen Elements
  • NEW SIEMENS Heater Control
  • SIEMENS Servo Drives:
  • NEW – Tool Table with 1.2 T up to 10 T closing force
  • NEW – Plug Assist with 0.75 T up to 10 T closing force
  • NEW – Clamp Frame with 1.2 T closing force
  • Twin Sheet and Pressure Forming Equipment
  • Full list of options available on request
M Type Vacuum Forming Machine
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