TQS Quartz Infrared Heating

tqs elements
tqs heater elements
tqs elements

Customers utilising powerful TQS Quartz Infrared Heating Elements, compared to lower quality units, will benefit from an overall higher output whilst saving energy in the process, making the choice of TQS Elements a winning solution!

  • Shorter heating times.
  • Very broad emissions spectrum covers the absorption of a wide range of materials.
  • Permeable IR quartz glass tubes allow for consistent radiation within each element and overall heating area.
  • Integrated metal reflectors ensure high radiation output at a low convection loss.
  • Instant reaction to heat adjustment due to low thermal mass allows compatibility with modern automation controllers.
  • Type “Fast” Elements for the higher spec Machine reduces heating times by up to 20%.
  • The Element sizes FS (248x63x25mm) and FSK (124x63x25mm) are available in varying Watts.