Rotary Cutters & Blister Packing Machinery

Roller Cutter

The Roller Cutter is suitable for the punching and perforation of blisters. It will easily perforate and cut a wide variety of materials, ranging from carton and alu foil to PET materials.

Roller Cutter 420, max. width 420 mm
Roller Cutter 650, max width 650 mm

Suitable for blisters, packagings and different materials.

Alu Blister Packing Machine

Alu 250

The Alu250 semi-automatic blister packaging machine for the production of alu-blisters.

The blisters are cold formed from pre-cut alu foil, and afterwards sealed using FX the Universal Sealer.

Alu 250 is suitable for production, trials and development.

blister packaging machine