U-Series Thermoforming Machines

From the first ever constructed deep draw machine, GEISS offer thermoforming machines in a U and T series, the U type being the shallow draw range, “U” being taken from the German word “untief” and the T type being the deep draw range, “T” being taken from the German word “tief”.


The machines essentially consist of a closed machine chamber, equipped with adjustable clamping frames, individually controlled heating elements for top and bottom heater, PC control panel, plug assist and cooling fans with water spray cooling.

Common features of the series U and T:

  • All machines are certified to CE Standard.
  • No Platform required due to the ideal working height.
  • Geiss guarantee the processing of any thermoplastic materials in any thickness, independent of optional equipment on the machine.
  • The extensive list of additional options for both series allows for preferred customisation and automation. Any adjustment is possible, be it to increase the degree of automation or flexibility, or the reduction of tool change over times.

U Range – Shallow Draw

The U series – developed in-house at Geiss – provides customers with an economical alternative machine for shallow draw depth product requirements (the “U” stands for shallow) in place of the Standard T range.

Unit/Type1000 x  6001000 x  8001500 x 1000
Max. Sheet Sizemm1000 x  6001000 x  8001500 x 1000
Forming Areamm960 x  560960 x  7601460 x  960
Max. Stacking height incl. Palletmm680680680
Draw Depth, positive or neg.mm400400400
Draw Depth, top/bot heatingmm300300300
Max. Reel Widthmm6008001000
Max. Reel Diametermm120012001200
Foil Thickness of Reel Materialmm0,18 – 2,00,18 – 2,00,18 – 2,0
Working Height, approx.mm114011401140
Vacuum Pumpm³/h100100100
Weight (Basic Machine)T3,74,15,4

GEISS Vacuum Forming Machines have been supplied into many companies supplying major Names in the Automotive, Aerospace, Sanitary, Leisure, Building, Defence and Point of Sales Industries.

Amongst a long list of products formed on Geiss machines are:

  • Transport Trays
  • Underfloor Heating Panels
  • Covers
  • Display Stands
  • Display Signs
  • Caravan Panels