T-Series Thermoforming Machines

geiss t10

From the first ever constructed deep draw machine, GEISS offer vacuum forming machines in a U and T series, the U type being the shallow draw range and the T type being the deep draw range.

The machines essentially consist of a closed machine chamber, equipped with adjustable clamping frames, individually controlled heating elements for top and bottom heater, PC control panel, plug assist and cooling fans with water spray cooling.

Geiss T10 & Siemens Promotional Video 

Up to 50% Productivity Increase in Thermoforming

The close cooperation between Siemens and Geiss AG saw the development of the new T10 vacuum forming machine. The basis of this series is built on the foundations of innovative automation and drive solutions as well as the Siemens TIA Portal.  The new machine concept now takes less time to install and commission, boasts high precision and production quality, advanced process reliability and a staggering productivity increase of up to  50%.  See for yourself!

geiss vacuum forming machine

The basic T10 machine is equipped with the following items as standard, compared to previous T9 Machines:

  • Servo Motor Driven Table, Plug Assist, Clamp Frame and Top & Bottom Heater
  • Table Middle Position
  • Clamp Frame Closing Delay (for the processing of acrylic materials)
  • All Servo Valves for the main Axes
  • All Programmable Positions for Main Axes

Improved Benefits such as:

  • 60% faster Machine Cycle
  • 30% faster Cooling Times
  • High Repeat Accuracy, resulting in less Scrap Waste
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Lower Compressed Air Consumption
  • Increased Overall Performance
  • Smaller Footprint
geiss t10

Siemens Control Systems & Standard Specifications

T Range – Deep Draw

Worldwide, the T series – developed in-house at Geiss – is now regarded as the standard for deep draw depths (the “T” stands for deep, which comes from  the German word “tief”).

The T type machine is also the basis for Pressure & Twinsheet Forming Equipment to which the necessary options would be added to transform it into the Machine type you require!

The construction design as well as the large inner area of these heavy-duty universal forming machines allows customising with any of the additional GEISS options.

This makes the T series one of the most advanced high-tech solutions in the thermoforming sector.

Common features of the series U and T:

  • All geiss vacuum forming machines are certified to CE Standard
  • The standard 620mm draw depth requires no operator working platform
  • Geiss guarantee the processing of any thermoplastic materials in any thickness, independent of optional equipment on the machine
  • The extensive list of additional options for both series allows for preferred customisation and automation. Any adjustment is possible, be it to increase the degree of automation or flexibility, or the reduction of tool change over times


GEISS Vacuum Forming Machines have been supplied into many companies supplying major names in the Automotive, Aerospace, Sanitary, Leisure, Building, Defence and Point of Sales Industries.

Amongst a long list of products formed on Geiss machines are:

  • Transport Trays
  • Cases
  • Shower Trays
  • Bath Tubs
  • Underfloor Heating Panels
  • Caravan Panels
  • Tractor Roofs
  • Light Domes
  • Display Signs
  • Display Stands
  • Helmets
  • Roof Boxes
  • Aircraft Seating & Trays
  • Lightweight Airducts
geiss t10

The T type is the heavy duty and Geiss’ most successful range, able to form any material in any thickness. With the use of parametric design it is possible to build a machine of any size upwards from 1000mm x 900mm.

Technical data of standard T machine sizes:

Unit/Type1500 x 10002000 x 10002000 x 1200
Max. Sheet Sizemm1500 x 10002000 x 10002000 x 1200
Forming Areamm1460 x  9601960 x  9601960 x 1160
Max. Stacking height incl. Palletmm680680680
Draw Depth, positive or neg.mm750750750
Draw Depth, top/bot heatingmm620620620
Max. Roll Diametermm120012001200
Working Height, approx..mm118511851185
Vacuum Pumpm³/h100100100
Weight (Basic Machine)T4,555,2
Unit/Type2000 x 20002500 x 12002500 x 1500
Max. Sheet Sizemm2000 x 20002500 x 12002500 x 1500
Forming Areamm1960 x 19602460 x 11602460 x 1460
Max. Stacking height incl. Palletmm680680680
Draw Depth, positive or neg.mm750750750
Draw Depth, top/bot heatingmm620620620
Max. Roll Diametermm120012001200
Working Height, approx..mm128512851285
Vacuum Pumpm³/h300300
Weight (Basic Machine)T98,5

Subject to change without notice based on technical advances.
Data supplied may vary depending on optional equipment added.